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Q:  What information can I put on my Sustainable Business Card?

A:  Items you may add to your Sustainable Business Card  include, Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Physical Address and Website.

Q:  Does the Sustainable Business Card work with my device?

A:  The Sustainable Business Card works with most devices without having to download anything. For a list of compatible devices please click here.

Q:  How much does this cost?

A:  You get a set of two custom cards for $39.99 (Plus tax and shipping)

Q:  What is the card made of?

A:  The cards are made of a durable PVC.

Q:  How long will it take to get me my cards?

A:  Because these are custom designed, there is a process we must go through before you get your cards. On average the process including design, approval, production and shipping is 2-4 weeks.

Q:Can you help me design a logo? 

A: Yes, of course we can.(for an additional fee)

Q:  If I already have a logo, how do I get that information to you? What format does it need to be in?

A:  You can email the logo to us. We accept logos in the following file formats. (.png and .svg)