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The last business card you will ever buy

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Why choose Sustainable?

Business cards are an important part of the way everyone does business today. They give the first impression of a business, give essential networking information, and ensure that customers and prospective customers can get a hold of you.  

The business card has been pretty much the same for a very long time. They take their roots from what used to be called “Trade Cards” beginning in the 1600’s. These cards were similar to modern business cards providing information about the craftsman, his shop, and its location.

Although the traditional business card has been a tried and true part of running a business, we here at Sustainable Business Cards feel it is time for an upgrade.

Let’s be honest, what usually happens to your business card once you give it to someone? It goes into their wallet or bag and gets forgotten, it gets lost along with your contact information.  With your new Sustainable Business Card, your information goes directly into your prospective customer’s phone before you leave their side.

Furthermore, with your Sustainable Business Cards, you can help the environment by handing less and less paper out. 

How does it work?

Embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology, the Sustainable Business Cards will send your contact information directly into the device you tap. A quick tap to “Add to Contacts" and you are instantly added to the phones contacts.

*Not all phones are NFC enabled. For a list of compatible phones please click here.

Set of Two Cards $39.99 Free backup card

Card Design Examples

Card Design Example Dr. Shannon Doak
Card Design Example Portraits Inc.
Island Built Athletes business card example
Ramin Chiropractor example
Business Card example Z Services Fleet Detailing
Elite Pumping Solutions LLC Example business card design

Step 1 - Contact us

Contact us to provide the information we need to customize your Sustainable Business Cards. Each card we produce is unique to the person or business it represents.

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Step 2 - Design Your Card

We will work with you to design your card so that it is branded for your company. Unlike other options for Eco friendly cards your Sustainable Business Cards will be unique in its appearance.

Receive your cards in the mail.

After the design has been finalized we will produce your cards and send them off to you.  So you can start to WOW your contacts with your new high-tech Eco-friendly card.  Join the business card revolution today!

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The last business card you will ever buy

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